Cardiovascular specialty (one or more):  vascular ultrasound, phlebology
Start and end date:  November 28-30, 2019
City, State:  Newark, NJ
Hotel/Venue: Newark Airport Hilton

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This interactive course focuses on real-time training of physicians and other healthcare professionals in all aspects of vascular ultrasound from patient presentation to the final written report.

Lectures will cover all aspects of vascular anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, treatment
techniques and follow-up. Over ten hours of the course curriculum is dedicated to the hands-on
training. The participants will receive instruction through lectures, clinical vignettes and ten hours of
real- time ultrasound imaging of patients with a wide spectrum of vascular pathology.

During scanning participants will be taught appropriate use of the ultrasound machine with a focus
on image optimization. The protocols for the various tests will be explained in detail. Participants
will also receive tips on imaging, patient positioning and other maneuvers used to optimize results.
Techniques for venous access and tips to optimize ultrasound images during venous procedures will
be demonstrated.

At the conclusion of the course participants will be able to recognize the different types of vascular
pathology and be able to enhance their ability to perform the ultrasound scans.