Basic Echo Matrix & Task List

The exam content below describes the activities an individual with basic echocardiography knowledge and skills would be expected to perform on the job. All examination questions are linked to these knowledge and skills. Each content area has a different relative weight, meaning that one content area may have a higher weight (more questions) than another.


Examination Matrix

The examination matrix is provided to illustrate the general distribution of questions and the relative weight or emphasis given to a skill or content area on the examination.

General policies, procedures and standards
  • Ensure universal precautions and sterile techniques
  • Respond to emergency situations
  • Pre-procedure activities
  • Post-procedure activities

Perform echocardiographic examinations

  • Understand ultrasound physics and instrumentation
  • Understand imaging views (transducer position, planes, anatomy)
  • Define normal anatomy, physiology and hemodynamics
  • Utilize physiologic maneuvers
  • Practice proper ergonomics

Perform specialized echocardiographic techniques

  • Perform stress echocardiography
  • Perform contrast echocardiography
Pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases/therapeutic measures
  • Evaluate pathophysiology in images and modify examination to answer the clinical question
  • Recognize common congenital abnormalities
TOTAL 100%



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