Registrants' Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:
1. What is the required renewal fee for CCI credentials? 

The required CCI renewal fee is $150.00 per triennial cycle, this averages out to $50.00 per year.  Registrants pay their triennial renewal cycle in one payment of $150.00. Registrant renewal fees, application fees, dues, contributions or gifts to CCI are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. These payments may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses under Section 162 of the Internal Revenue Code. CCI has been organized under Section 501(c)(6) of the IRS. The CCI tax identification number is 31-1261456. You may wish to consult your tax advisor for further assistance.

2. If I have a CCT credential that is inactive and I take a Registry exam, does my CCT credential become active or just the new credential?

No, the CCT credential will stay inactive.  Once a credential is inactive the Registrant must retake and pass the credentialing examination for that credential to become active.

3. Can I be active for one registry credential and not the other?

Answer:  Yes, if a Registrant fails to maintain the active status of a credential the only way to reactivate a credential's active status is by retaking and passing the credentialing examination.

4. How can I reactivate my credential?

Once your credential has gone inactive you must retake the examination to regain active status. If you are currently within the 90 day grace period after your active through date, then you must submit the required of renewal fees, required late fee, a signed Code of Ethics, and the required CEUs.

5. Can I send my renewal fees and get my CEUs later?

No. Renewal fees, CEUs, and signed Code of Ethics must be submitted in order for the renewal of the credential. CEUs MUST be earned within the Registrant's triennial cycle and before the active through date of the credential(s).

6. How long does it take to process my renewal and mail a new wallet ID card?

During peak renewal periods, CCI requires 2-3 weeks after receipt of all requirements to process renewals and mail new wallet cards.

7. If this is my first renewal, what do I need to do?

You will need to pay your renewal fee and submit a signed Code of Ethics. No CEUs are required for first renewal. Renewal fees are billed triennially at $150.00.
8. Where do I get a certificate?

You can print a certificate off the CCI website or order a professional parchment paper certificate suitable for hanging for $25 plus $4.95 shipping and handling from the CCI headquarters. Log into the CCI website to obtain the order form.


9. How do I submit an official name change to CCI?

If you have gotten married or divorced, please submit legal documentation of the name change (i.e. marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.) via mail or fax to CCI headquarters. There is a $10 charge for a replacement wallet card.


10. Can I perform procedure "X" in my hospital or laboratory? Or what is the scope of practice for my credential?

As a credentialing agency we cannot recommend, nor create any statements which concerns scope of practice or job descriptions. The final decision is always made by the hospital, laboratory or facility with recommendations being made by the specialty's professional society.

Websites to look for scope of practice:


CCT and CRAT individuals have no professional society and thus it is the discretion of the employment facility.

General Sonography Questions: SDMS 


11. What is the process for appeals?

CCI will receive (in writing) appeals to contest any adverse decisions affecting examination eligibility (for applicants), examination results (for candidates), or active status (for credential holders). The written appeal must include the stated appeal, the reason for the appeal, relevant supporting documentation and contact information of the appellant.


Questions and Answers On Continuing Education Units (CEU)

1. How many continuing education units are required each triennial cycle?

The total CEUs required in a triennial cycle for Registry Level Registrants (RCES, RCIS, RCS, RCCS, RPhS, & RVS) is thirty- six (36) CEUs. Thirty (30) of these CEUS must be cardiovascular related.

The total CEUs required in a triennial cycle for Certificate Level Registrants (CCT and CRAT) is sixteen (16) CEUs.

2. What will happen if I cannot meet the CEU requirements in a triennial cycle?

If a Registrant is unable to accrue and submit the required quantity of CEUs at the end of their triennial cycle, the Registrant's credential will be placed on Inactive status.

3. What is Inactive Status?

Inactive status means that a Registrant has either not paid their triennial renewal fees, signed and submitted their Code of Ethics, or has not submitted their required CEUs.

Currently, there are three status designations:

  • ACTIVE: Registrants up-to-date in annual renewal fees and meeting continuing education requirements.
  • INACTIVE: Registrants who have not paid their annual renewal fees. CEU requirements may or may not be met. Code of Ethics requirements may or may not be met.
  • RETIRED: Annual renewal fees are up-to-date. CEU requirements are waived.

4. If my credential becomes Inactive, how do I reactivate?

To reactivate a credential that has become inactive, the registrant will be required to retake and pass the specialty examination of their credential.

5. Can I transfer CEU credits from one triennial cycle to the next?

No. CEU credits cannot be transferred from one triennial cycle to the next. All CEUs must be accrued during your current triennial cycle.

6. How will I report my CEUs to CCI?

CCI will send you a triennial renewal invoice at least six months prior to renewal date. Copies of the CEU certificate and signed Code of Ethics policy should be attached to renewal invoice and submitted by submission deadline. (Please see CEU submission process under the Registrants' section). Upon processing of your renewal, CCI will then issue your triennial renewal packet.

7. How do I get credit for the programs I attend?

It is the Registrant's responsibility to maintain personal records and inquire about what type of CEUs a course or seminar may provide. Do not assume CEUs are available and request a certificate identifying the credit units earned.

8. How do I determine how many CEUs I am receiving?

CCI accepts the number of CEUs listed on the certificates awarded by the program you attend.
If the CEU certificate does not designate the number of credits earned then CCI will not accept the CEU certificate. 

Please note that some ACLS courses DO NOT give a certificate with the number of CEUs designated.  CCI WILL NOT accept these CEU certificates.

9. If I hold registry in two or three specialties, how many credits should I get in a triennial cycle?

Registrants who hold credentials in multiple specialties must still accrue thirty-six (36) CEUS every triennial cycle, thirty (30) of which must be cardiovascular related.

If a Registrant holds a CCT or CRAT credential and also a Registry Level Credential (RCCS, RCES, RCIS, RCS, RPhS, or RVS), then the Registrant is required to accrue CEUs based solely on their Registry Level credential, i.e. thirty-six (36).

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