Ultrasound Technologist RVT, RVS, RPHS

Vein Clinics of America
Canton, CT
Medical Field: 

For over 30 years, Vein Clinics of America (VCA) has been dedicated to the treatment of all aspects of vein disease. Acknowledged as experts in the field, VCA has helped lead advances in the treatment of vein disease. And with over 50 clinics across 15 states, we’re growing!
We are currently seeking a skilled and experienced Ultrasound Technologist/RVT to support our very busy clinic in Canton, CT.
In this role, you will be trained to perform duplex ultrasound scans and vein mapping. You will perform initial scans and consult with the Physician regarding your findings.

You will assist the physician in treating the patient, using ultrasound guided injections or endovenous laser treatments, and will be responsible for monitoring treatment quality and safety. You will help to educate and motivate patients and will also participate in some practice building activities.

Specific responsibilities in this role will include the following:
• Perform patient evaluation and assessment prior to ultrasound examination.
• Perform ultrasound examination of patients to create a Venous Flow Map for purposes of recommending a safe, effective treatment plan.
• Assist the Physician in explaining the treatment plan to the patient and how that treatment plan addresses the patient’s specific needs.
• Assist the Physician during Image Guided Injection treatment sessions with the appropriate directions regarding needle placement and recommendations for volume and strength of solution to be injected.
• Assist the Physician during Endovenous Laser Treatment (ELT) procedures with the appropriate directions regarding catheter placement and withdrawal, and assist the Physician in the set up and clean up of the ELT treatment room before and after each session.
• Perform all additional scans indicated by the treatment plan at the direction of the Physician to ensure the efficacy of treatment and safety of the patients.
• Within the limits of safety, adhere to the standard time allotments for each type of scan in order to maintain the smooth and efficient flow of patients throughout the course of the scheduled day.
• Working with the operations staff, review and update the ultrasound schedule to ensure good patient care and safety and to maintain the patient load at an efficient and productive level.
• Develop and maintain a high level of skill commensurate with the standards set by the National Medical Director through continued education and interaction with other VCA Ultrasound Technologists.
• Maintain equipment and manage the supply inventory to ensure continued and effective operations.
• Other duties as required/assigned.

• Certificate of Completion from an accredited Ultrasound program
• Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) or Registered Vascular Sonographers (RVS) or RPhs. (If sitting for RVT within the next 60 days please apply.)
• Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
• Excellent hand/eye coordination

Contact:  Reena Darji
Human Resources Recruiter
Vein Clinics of America
Office: 630-725-2786

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