RVS Matrix & Content Outline


Examination Matrix


This examination matrix is provided to illustrate the general distribution of questions and the relative weight or emphasis given to a skill or content area on the examination.
Content Category   Approximate Percentage of Examination
A. Maintaining Information, Facility, and Safety   8%
B. Applying Physical Principles   17%
C. Performing Abdominal/Visceral Examinations   9%
D. Performing Extracranial/Intracranial Examinations   19%
E. Performing Peripheral Arterial Examinations   24%
F. Performing Peripheral Venous Examinations   18%
G. Performing Special Procedures   5%
Total   100%

Knowledge List


The list below describes general areas of knowledge that are needed in order to perform the tasks identified. This knowledge will apply across multiple tasks.
  • Regulatory and compliance standards
  • Medical ethics
  • Medical terminology
  • General anatomy
  • Cardiovascular anatomy and physiology
  • Vascular hemodynamics
  • Disease process and progression
  • Basic math skills (formulas, exponents, decimals, scientific notation)
  • Basic statistics
  • Basic pharmacology
  • History and physical
  • Vascular signs and symptoms
  • Risk factors (family history, genetics)
  • Patient care and assessment
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Safety practices for patients and staff
  • Universal precautions/infection control
  • Specific policies and procedures (e.g., department, hospital)
  • Ultrasound physics
  • Ultrasound instrumentation
  • Ultrasound modalities (e.g., Doppler, color Doppler, B-mode, contrast)
  • Vascular anomalies and normal variances
  • Vascular nonsurgical interventions (e.g., medications, risk factor modification))
  • Vascular surgical interventions (current and past)
  • Imaging modalities (e.g., CT, MR)
  • Exam correlation with other imaging modalities



Task List

The task list below describes the activities which an RVS is expected to perform on the job. All examination questions are linked to these tasks.
Duties and Tasks % of Exam
A Maintaining Information, Facility, and Safety 8%
Identify patient
Educate patient about the procedure
Obtain patient history
Triage patient status
Position patient
Use standard/universal precautions/sterile techniques
Maintain ergonomic safety
Evaluate quality assurance and improvement
Maintain equipment
B Applying Physical Principles 17%
Set up examination equipment
Obtain optimal image
Obtain pulse wave (PW) Doppler data
Obtain continuous wave (CW) Doppler data
Obtain color Doppler data
Detect artifacts
Practice bioeffect safety
C Performing Abdominal/Visceral Examinations 9%
Perform renal duplex
Perform mesenteric duplex
Perform abdominal aorta duplex
Perform endovascular surveillance
D Performing Extracranial/Intracranial Examinations 19%
Perform extracranial duplex
Perform carotid stent surveillance
Perform transcranial Doppler - nonimaging (TCD)
Perform transcranial duplex - imaging (TCI)
Duties and Tasks % of Exam
E Performing Peripheral Arterial Examinations 24%
Perform lower extremity arterial duplex
Perform bypass graft surveillance
Perform stent surveillance
Perform resting ankle-brachial index (ABI)
Perform exercise testing
Perform upper and lower segmental pressures
Perform upper and lower pulse volume recording (PVR)
Perform upper and lower continuous wave Doppler waveforms
Perform upper and lower photoplethysmography (PPG)
Perform upper extremity arterial duplex
Perform upper extremity arterial mapping
Perform thoracic outlet testing
Perform Allen’s test
Perform cold sensitivity testing
F Performing Peripheral Venous Examinations 18%
Perform lower extremity venous duplex
Perform lower extremity venous insufficiency testing
Perform vein mapping
Perform ultrasound guided ablation
Perform upper extremity venous duplex
G Performing Special Procedures 5%
Perform venous stent duplex
Perform dialysis access duplex
Perform pseudoaneurysm intervention
Perform post-operative surveillance
Total   100%


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