CCI Policies

CCI operates based on policies intended to demonstrate impartiality, high ethical standards, and validity of the certification programs we administer.  CCI does not restrict applications, candidacies, or becoming a Registrant based on limiting conditions such as membership of an association, professional society of any organization.  CCI will not unfairly impede or inhibit access to CCI's certification to Applicant, Candidates or Registrants who meet our stated policies regarding qualification requirements, renewal requirements and/or passing CCI's psychometrically valid certification examination.  CCI abides by all federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination solely on the basis of a person’s race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, sex, marital status or physical disability, except where a reasonable, bona fide occupational qualification exists.  CCI prohibits racial or sexual harassment of any kind and this policy applies to all individuals requesting admittance to a CCI credentialing examination or the renewal of a CCI credential.


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Policy - Use of CCI Credential.pdf90.84 KB
Policy - Special Accommodations.pdf83.68 KB
Policy - Security Breach of Examination.pdf76.68 KB
Policy - Pre-application pertaining to Criminal Matter.pdf90.5 KB
Policy - Pre Application Criminal Matters.pdf96.29 KB
Policy - Non-discrimination.pdf66.92 KB
Policy - Language the examination is offered in.pdf67.28 KB
Policy - Information Regarding Performance on CCI Examinations.pdf81.51 KB
Policy - Fees.pdf13.01 KB
Policy - Endorsements and advertisements.pdf69.17 KB
Policy - Due Process.pdf79.01 KB
Policy - Deadlines.pdf78.76 KB
Policy - Confidentiality Policy - Applicants, Candidates, and Registrants.pdf70.17 KB
Policy - Cheating.pdf93.29 KB
Policy - CCI Official Examination Qualification and Admission to the Examination.pdf190.28 KB
Policy - Authority Over Credentials.pdf65.24 KB
Policy - Appeals Committee.pdf75.67 KB
Policy - Students testing pre-graduation.pdf76.66 KB
Policy 10 - Ethics-Disciplinary Policy and Committee (2014_02).pdf192.55 KB
Policy - Renewal.pdf111.75 KB
Policy 45 - Impartiality.pdf72.01 KB
Policy 46 - Complaints.pdf74.21 KB
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