Renew Credential

CCI credential holders, also called registrants, are required to renew your credential every three years after your first renewal. 


1.  You are responsible for knowing when your credential is due for renewal. You can find your renewal date in several places:  wallet card, click here to log into your CCI online account, or by visiting the CCI Credential Verification page (click here).


2.  Beginning with the December 31, 2016 triennial renewals, CCI no longer requires submission of continuing education activity documentation for all credential holders. Click here to read the notice before contacting CCI headquarters with questions.  Each CCI registrant MUST earn the required number of continuing education units (CEUs) each triennial cycle. Registrants WILL NOT be notified upon receipt of CEU Documentation. You will not receive a confirmation of faxes received nor an email of CEU status. It is the registrant's responsibility to verify your CEUs were received and to check your CEU Tracker. Click here to log into your CCI Online Account and check your CEU Tracker. Registrants who submit renewal documentation properly will be notified by receipt of a renewal packet via US mail. If your CEU requirement is met, "CEUS MET ON FILE", will be posted on the CEU Tracker. CCI does not notify you of unacceptable CEUs which are submitted.


3.  Ensure CCI has your updated mailing address and email address in order to avoid missing any invoices or notifications regarding your CCI credential.


Click here to view the CCI credential renewal process






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