CEU Submission Process

Beginning with the December 31, 2016 triennial renewals, CCI no longer requires submission of continuing education activity documentation for all credential holders. 

Each CCI Registrant MUST earn the required number of continuing education units (CEUs) each triennial cycle. CCI now requires all registrants to attest to compliance to the continuing education policy, attest to the Code of Ethics policy, and renewal fees (currently $165.00 USD). If payment is made through CCI's secure website, the Code of Ethics can be signed electronically. 

All renewal requirements are due by renewal end date. If requirements are not received by renewal end date, registrants are granted a 90-day grace period to submit all requirements to CCI headquarters, and a $50 late fee will be assessed. The grace period is not to be used to earn CEUs. Any credits earned during the grace period WILL NOT be accepted. All CEU credits must have been earned within the triennial cycle.

CCT and CRAT (certificate level) credentialed individuals must submit 16 CEUs each triennial cycle. Click here for a list of CEU Providers. ACS, RCCS, RCES, RCIS, RCS, RPhS and RVS (advanced and registry level) credentialed individuals must submit 36 CEUs each triennial cycle. At least 30 of these 36 CEUs must be cardiovascular related. The remaining 6 or less CEUs can be on any topic as long as it is from one of the approved providers. Lists of hours spent in attendance at facility in-service meetings will not be accepted unless CEUs are awarded, either by the facility or a sponsoring body. If awarded by the facility, certificate(s) must show name of accrediting body of facility. If awarded by a sponsoring body (AMA, ACCME, AHA, etc.), name must be stated on the certificate(s).

Registrants WILL NOT be notified upon receipt of CEU Documentation.You will not receive a confirmation of faxes received nor an email of CEU status. It is the registrant's responsibility to verify your CEUs were received and to check your CEU TrackerClick here to log into your CCI Online Account and check your CEU Tracker. Registrants who submit renewal documentation properly will be notified by receipt of a renewal packet via US mail. If your CEU requirement is met, "CEUS MET ON FILE", will be posted on the CEU Tracker.

CEU certificates MUST state: Name of Individual, Name of Activity, Number of CEU credits earned, Name of Accrediting Body and Date completed. CEUs WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION. Please note that CEU transcripts will not be accepted without certificates with the above information included and/or a full description of each activity on the transcript.

CEUs may be submitted online, by fax, by email, or mail. Please add the CCI CEU Cover Sheet when possible.

1. Online – Upload to your CCI profile at cci-online.org (MY ACCOUNT > CEU Tracker).

2. Email – Scan and email to: CEUS@cci-online.org.

3. Mail – Please mail copies of CEU certificates to: Attn: CCI Registrant Services 3739 National Drive, Suite 202 Raleigh, NC 27612. You will not receive
confirmation of CEU submissions. It is your responsibility to log into your CCI Online Account and check your CEU Tracker.