President’s Message: Are You Making a Resolution in the New Year?

A Message from the President, Letitia Esbenshade-Smith, MS Ed, RCES, RCIS – January 5, 2023

Happy New Year!

I could guess that you, like me, have a list of resolutions for the New Year. Most years I’m pretty good about writing them down and have been OK with accomplishing the first few on the list. I have found that if I put my resolutions on paper, I am more apt to make them happen. So this year’s top three (I won’t bore you with the rest of my list) begin with:

1. Be kind

2. Be present

3. Continue learning

I think we can all use and share a little kindness in today’s crazy world. A heartfelt compliment or a smile takes nothing from us, is easy to give and usually makes us feel a little happier. A small kindness goes a long way when interacting with a patient, or a peer for that matter.

As for being present, I have found that I am sometimes in such a rush that I am not living in the moment – or the conversation, the experience, the event, etc. Rather, I’m thinking ahead to the next thing I have to do. So this year I will be better at paying attention to the happenings of the moment, engaging fully in the conversation and participating in the experience.

My number three is to continue learning. I believe that as a cardiac professional and CCI credential holder, I have an obligation to myself and my patients to continue lifelong learning. I am hoping to attend the Heart Rhythm Society meeting in May, will attend the Cardiovascular Educators Forum in April and the National Consortium for Health Science Education in October. I’m pretty certain I’ll come away with something learned from each conference and from each conference I’ll have the opportunity to practice my #1 and #2 resolutions!

So what are your top one, two or three resolutions for the New Year? What conferences will you attend? What learning are you focusing on for 2023? Planning to obtain a credential? A certificate? A degree? I (CCI) would love to hear from you about the career milestones you aim to achieve this year. We invite you to send in submissions by emailing Cresta Archuletta, Director of Communications. You can also share your resolutions on social media by tagging CCI and using #CCI2023 in your post.

No matter what your resolutions are, or aren’t, I wish you good health and prosperity in the New Year.