Input Requested on Draft Revisions to the Scope of Practice and Clinical Standards for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

The Scope of Practice and Clinical Standards for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (“Scope”) is undergoing a vital revision process through a collaborative effort involving various organizations in sonography. As the sonography profession and healthcare landscape continue to evolve, it is imperative to update the sonographer’s Scope to align with the current “standard of practice” and acknowledge the essential role of sonographers in the healthcare team.

To facilitate this important update, the Sonographer Scope of Practice Task Force (“Task Force”), on which Cardiovascular Credential International participates, is inviting members of the sonography and medical community to contribute their valuable input on the current draft document.

The draft Scope underscores that sonographers perform their examinations, procedures, and tasks under the direction of a physician and defines four components that impact a sonographer’s scope of practice, including (1) Professional, (2) Jurisdictional, (3) Facility, and (4) Personal factors. It also addresses the growth and evolution of “advanced” sonographer roles across various specialties and geographic regions in the United States.

To aid readers, the draft Scope also includes an expanded glossary of terms and phrases (Appendix A), a new list of important considerations when a sonographer, supervising physician, or facility is evaluating a new diagnostic sonographic examination, procedure, or task (Appendix B), and a compilation of sonographer scope of practice and clinical practice resources (Appendix C).

Sonographers, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders are invited to participate in the survey and submit their valuable comments and suggestions. The feedback will be compiled and shared with Task Force members for their consideration in finalizing the document. Once finalized, the Scope will be presented to the participating organizations for their endorsement or support before being released to the public. Click below to access the document and submit your feedback.

The deadline for survey participation is 5 pm (central) August 31, 2023. Comments can be submitted via