President’s Message: Item Writing Summit

A Message from the president, Letitia Esbenshade-Smith, MS Ed, RCES, RCIS

September 1, 2022 – My President’s message in October 2021 asked if there was interest in volunteering with CCI. A resounding “yes” was received by over 90 of you inquiring about volunteering! Those who were interested submitted their resumes and the resumes were passed on to the CCI Examination Chairs to review.

Why did I call for volunteers, you may ask? The CCI Bylaws specifically state that there are term limits for the Exam Chair and for exam committee members. As such, when term limits are reached members of the committee are required to step down from committee service.

Throughout the months after my message, all of the resumes received were reviewed and, based on committee needs, volunteers were contacted to join CCI for an Item Writing Summit. In July, I had the pleasure of meeting 20 new subject matter expert (SME) volunteers in Minneapolis, MN.

The Psychometricians (thank you Adrienne and Collin) from Professional Testing Inc. (PTI) led the group in learning how to write test questions and the statistical data behind a “good” question. Following this, Exam Chairs and new SME’s wrote questions. I think I can speak for the group when I say that the one-day item writing session was very enlightening.

Again, thank you all for joining us in Minneapolis. I know it is a big sacrifice to give up time away from home and family. I hope that you found the weekend educational and had fun connecting with new cardiovascular professionals. I look forward to seeing you at upcoming exam committee meetings.

If you are interested in Volunteering with CCI, please contact us!

Best regards,