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First Credential Renewal

A credential is active for 9-12 months after passing a CCI exam. For the first renewal, CCI credential holders must submit a $165.00 USD renewal fee and a signature of compliance with the Code of Ethics.  

There are no Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirements for the first renewal. 

First Credential Renewal

When Credential is EarnedFirst Renewal End Date
January 1 to March 31, current yearDecember 31, current year
April 1 to June 30, current yearMarch 31, following year
July 1 to September 30, current yearJune 30, following year
October 1 to December 31, current yearSeptember 30, following year

Triennial Credential Renewal

Following the first renewal, maintenance of an “active status” for CCI credential holders requires the completion of the following three steps every three years, on the anniversary of the first renewal date: 

  1. The submission of renewal fees (currently $165.00 USD)
  2. Signature of compliance with the CCI Code of Ethics
  3. The completion of Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
    • Certificate-Level (CCT and CRAT): sixteen (16) CEUs.
    • Advanced-Level (ACS): thirty-six (36) CEUs.
    • Registry-Level (CES, RCIS, RCS, RCCS, RPhS, and RVS): thirty-six (36) CEUs.

Advanced and registry-level credential holders must complete, thirty (30) cardiovascular-related CEUs. The remaining 6 or fewer CEUs can be on any topic. 

Visit the Continuing Education Unit page for approved providers and details on how to submit your CEUs.

Triennial Credential Renewal

When Credential is EarnedTriennial Renewal Cycle (when CEUs are due)
January 1 to March 31, current yearDecember 31, three years after first renewal end date
April 1 to June 30, current yearMarch 31, three years after first renewal end date
July 1 to September 30, current yearJune 30, three years after first renewal end date
October 1 to December 31, current yearSeptember 30, three years after first renewal end date

Please note: CCI operates on an auditing model for CEU submission. Registrants are not required to submit CEU documentation unless notified by CCI to do so. It is recommended that ALL credential holders maintain continuing education documentation through the next triennial renewal cycle end date as CCI reserves the right to request these documents. 

Renew Multiple Credentials

So you’ve earned additional CCI credentials, congratulations! Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding renewals:

  • Earning additional CCI credentials does not change your renewal period. Instead, your new credential will renew simultaneously as your original credential. 
  • Your renewal fee will not increase. Your payment of $165 will cover the renewal of all of your CCI Credentials.

Your CEU requirements are based on the credential with the highest requirement. Therefore, if you hold an active Certificate level credential and earn an Advanced or Registry level credential, your CEU requirement will now be that of the Advanced or Registry level.

Inactive Status

A credential reaches Inactive status when a credential holder fails to meet the credential renewal requirements on their renewal date. 

Each registrant is given a three (3) month grace period to submit, in which they can renew their credential by submitting the signed Code of Ethics, attesting to earning the required CEUs during the triennial cycle, and paying the $165 USD renewal fee plus a $50 USD late fee ($215 USD total). If the credential holder cannot meet the above requirement within the grace period, they are extended a probationary period of three (3) months. To then reactivate their credential the registrant must complete the following:

  1. Pay the standard renewal fee ($165 USD) plus a penalty fee ($200 USD for registry and advanced level certifications or $100 USD for certificate level certifications).
  2.  Complete the original required CEUs for their triennial cycle. 
  3. Earn an additional ten (10) CEUs that are cardiovascular-related by the end of the probationary period.

Please note:

  • The credential holder’s triennial renewal cycle will begin the day after their probationary period ends. 
  • CEUs earned during the probationary period will not be accepted in the registrant’s following triennial cycle.
  • After the three-month probationary period has passed, the credential holder will need to retake the exam for all expired credentials. 

Retired Status

An active credential holder may submit a written request to CCI headquarters requesting a change from active credential status to retired credential status. The credential holder must state that he/she no longer plans to provide patient care in the field of cardiovascular technology. 

To renew their credential, an individual with a CCI retired status designation is not required to accrue CEUs. However, an administrative fee will be assessed to cover minor operational expenses. The current administrative fee for retired registrants is $30.00 USD per triennial cycle.

Registrants in retired status who wish to return to active status will be required to submit an online exam application, pay full exam fees, and pass a CCI examination.

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